Let’s face it; times have changed but not as rapidly as they should in the realm of Real estate. Years ago finding a house for sale or even qualified buyers was accomplished through the tools that only agents possessed. And paying 6% of your homes value for those tools and services made sense. But as we said times have changed, with social media the Internet and just how well we as a society do with networking the Realtor’s job has become a little easier, but unfortunately not the high 6% commission fees. Well, we’re changing that.

With Mark Longenecker and Associates in conjunction with Future Home Realty you’ll only pay commission on what you really need; negotiating skills, attention to detail, contractional expertise, reliability, timely statistics, advertising, agent to agent networking, and possibly most importantly advice from years of Real estate experience for as little as 2% of your selling price. This will save you, the seller, thousands of dollars all the while maximizing your exposure and flexibility.

We believe this program is best fitted for today’s market and a great option for you, the seller, seeking both the full benefits of an Agents services and keeping your options open. You only pay 2% when you procure (find) the buyer. You may be surprised at how consistently this happens which is why we fill the need for a program just like this.

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VIP Buyer Representation Agreement 

When you become a VIP buyer with Mark Longenecker pllc. N associates, with Future Home Realty there are several very important benefits that we will provide you. 

  1. We will help you get a pre-approval for your home loan by setting up a meeting for you with a trusted lender. 
  2. We will automatically email you regular updates of homes that match your home buying criteria.  With this information, you can pick the homes you like and drive/walk by them and decide if you want us to arrange a private showing so you can see the inside. 
  3. We will use our specialized negotiation skills and knowledge to ensure you get the best home for the best possible price.  We will discuss strategy with you regarding offer price, financial terms, possession date, etc.  We will help you prepare the offer, present it on your behalf and then negotiate in your best interest. 
  4. We will continue to serve your needs even after you have purchased a home by showing you where to find the best services such as legal expertise, home inspection, tax counsel, etc. 

In return for these services you will agree: 

  1. To make your house hunting process easy by obtaining a written pre-approval. 
  2. To allow us to represent you exclusively whenever you see a home (new or resale) that you want to view.  This means that if you visit any open houses without us, you will advise all other agents, builders and for sale by owners that we are your agent.  If you want to make an offer, you will do this through us.  
  3. You’re under no obligation to buy or build a home.    


  1. Liquefy 3% of your anticipated purchase price so you can have money ready for you good faith deposit. 
  2. If you are financing, please do not make major credit card purchases or move jobs until you have moved into your new home. 
  3. Though we provide a range of services, at the end of the day we are not attorneys, tax advisors, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, structural engineers, or certified home inspectors.  We can however refer you to these professionals if you would like. 
  4. Lastly and most importantly have fun!  The home buying experience is amazing and we are here to guide you throughout the entire process!

Mark Longenecker

Mark Longenecker has a distinct advantage over many others who are in the real estate
business. It’s his considerable first-hand knowledge and experience as an investor for
more than 20 years. Mark understands all of the details and nuances involved with
today’s complex real estate process. As a result, he has the expertise and business skills
necessary to see your transaction through to closing, while remaining focused on your
personal concerns as well.

Mark approaches his work as a counselor and consultant who provides accurate and up-
do-date information and advice so that his clients can make educated decisions. As you
talk with him, he helps you determine your objectives, so that you can make the most
intelligent decision about buying or selling a home. He remains in close contact every
step of the way, answering your questions candidly and providing as much
information as possible.

Complementing Mark’s years of real estate experience is his extensive background as a
successful business owner and as an insurance adjuster. As a result, Mark’s knowledge
goes beyond the basics to include understanding the intricacies of negotiation, utilizing
innovative marketing techniques, and staying on top of the leading edge of real estate
technology. Additionally, Mark has experience in the construction industry so he has a
unique understanding of what makes a particular home a wise buying decision. Mark
also does his homework—researching pricing strategies, market trends and community
lifestyles—so that he is thoroughly prepared to assist you with your real estate needs.
This, coupled with his honesty and straightforward approach, inspires confidence and
reassures clients of his expertise.

“Helping buyers find just the right house or showing sellers how to maximize their
equity—my goal as your REALTOR® is to help you make the most of your investment,”
explains Mark.

Mark’s commitment, dedication, and experience are a definite advantage in today’s
challenging market. Whether you are buying, selling or investing, get the advantage in
your next real estate transaction. For all of your real estate needs contact Mark
Longenecker today!

Preferred Lender

KAREN REYNOLDS:  Loan Officer 

Karen has a 20 year background in banking and finance, specializing in mortgages for the last 4 years in Florida markets. 

She works diligently with her clients to place them in a loan program that not only results in a successful closing, but fits the client’s current and loan term goals. 

She takes great strides to make sure that she fully pre-approves her borrowers to prevent any unforeseen issues that tend to arise from a poor pre-qualification process.   Customer Service and communication is her number one priority.  Each and every client is offered all programs and options available to them given their current situation while continuing to educate them to improve their future options. 

To start the pre-approval process contact Karen via email at kreynolds@amerifirst.com or via phone at 813-695-9853

  • Inheritance, to settle and estate – Probate
  • Relocation
  • Job Transfer
  • Divorce
  • Behind on Mortgage Payments
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Behind on HOA Dues
  • Liens
  • Damage
  • Costly Repairs, Painting, and Cleaning


Cash in Hand within 10 days!

Reasons to sell your property quickly are many and with the current regulations the process can be cumbersome and even confusing at times.  We are here to help and simplify so that you can move forward.  

We are a Florida licensed Real Estate team that charges NO fees and NO commissions and is required to comply with all the regulations of Federal and State laws when purchasing your house.  Which gives you the confidence that you, the seller, is protected.

We are here to help.  So, no matter the condition of your house we buy AS-IS.  Collect the items that you want and leave the rest – no need for cleaning-up, fixing-up, or staging-up.  We’ll take care of it.

Beside are some of the most common reasons for selling a house quickly in our experience.  You can simply click on any one of the reasons and be directed to resource links.