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The MLS+ Services Includes:

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
Yard Signage
Presence on company website
(not limited to) Presence on, Zillow, Trulia, etc…
Customized marketing plans that fit your goals
Open Houses
Furnishing contract forms
Weekly updates
Continuous communication
Superior lead management
Negotiating offers
Writing contract offers
Agreement to Closing logistics
Strategic pricing
Cost-effective staging
Honed contract negotiations
Meticulous closing procedures
Customized marketing plans
Make sure buyers are qualified
Correspond with title companies
Schedule inspections
Review inspections
Order surveys
Contact with appraise companies
Addendum of contract
County and municipal court searches
Social media marketing
Customized marketing plans
Consulting from the start of your listing through the end of closing process

To be eligible for the MLS+ program, you the seller “Procures” the buyer. Simply put it was through your efforts alone that a qualified buyer was found. The legal term for this is “Procuring Cause”.
So, as you generate buyer leads you would hand those leads off to us for follow-up, qualifying, and management. We’ll take it from there with the following expertise, professionalism, and advise:
Your Advocate
One of our strengths is advocating for you between lenders, title companies, inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, and buyer agents. Protecting your interests and privacy.
Contract Negotiations
We will present and review with you all offers, discuss options, and make addendums as necessary to best position you and to ensure that you are getting the most value from the sell of your property all the while protecting your interests. This can include any of the following or all of them; counter offers, disclosures, inspections, and ensures that any offers are from well-qualified buyers. The last thing anyone wants is a surprise 24 hours before closing.

– So let’s say you don’t find a qualified buyer. If you as the seller decide to accept an offer brought by another agent not with Mark Longenecker, PLLC and Associates, you choose to pay a total commission of 4.5%. 2% to Mark Longenecker, PLLC and 2.5% to the buyers agent. Certain restrictions apply, Please contact Mark to go over details of the different listing service possibilites